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Oh uh...hi there!
Soooo, I should probably update huh? Been living in Sweden for just over a year now (Spoiler: IT IS AWESOME AND I LOVE ALL THE THINGS), still no luck getting/staying pregnant, and I'm finally getting my store opened back up! I've added a line of vegan-friendly pigments that make awesome eyeshadows and can be added to Vaseline or whatever to make an orgasmic lipgloss. Anyway, you should go check it out.

SO that's basically it. I can be found on Tumblr most of the time TBH.

So here's how things are:
-Got remarried in December
-Apparently got pregnant on the honeymoon
-Just got word that my son's passport was approved and will be here in about a week, which means we can then apply for our visas to move to Sweden to be with my husband.

Waiting as been completely horrible and way too long for us to be together, and now I will be able to go in a matter of weeks (assuming of course that the horrible morning sickness calms down XD). I am just...so, so happy. Thinks haven't gone my way for so long, and now... I'm just happy.

Seriously considering doing a victory lap around the house.

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Quick catch up for those who don't follow me on Twitter/Tumblr:
 -Got remarried to the Swedish
 -In the process of moving to Sweden (Oh god, the paperwork.)
 -99% sure I got pregnant on the honeymoon, which while not entirely planned, isn't really a bad thing, other than the stomach issues the past few days. Family is doing everything to help with the moving process though, which is nice. Also, this means shopping for gothmaternity wear again. :/
 -I'm not producing things as fast as I used to because of above-mentioned chaos, so I'm taking commissions (art, dreads, accessories, etc.) on a limited basis, drop me a line for details.


Phantom 25th Anniversary Concert--THE REVIEW!
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Store Update
LOOK AT HOW CUTE OMG. Milky Berry Dreadfalls The tiny little strawberries were such a pain to make, but I cannot tell you how adorable they are. The tiny little stripes were a pain, but it was so worth it now that I see this set done. I really, really hope some adorable sweet lolita snatches these up and does something fabulous with them.

Stuff, Things, Haircut!
Y'all, I just got pimpslapped with a couple custom orders. I am, however, very very excited to have work. Random update time!

SO. I ran out and bought Heartless by Gail Carriger, which is the most recent in the Parasol Protectorate series, and it was made of WIN. Whenever I have the time/energy to do a proper review of the whole series, I am. Go forth and buy them if you have any spare pennies.

Speaking of custom orders, I just ordered a fat quarter of fabric from Spoonflower. It was really on the expensive side, but I'm very hopeful it was a worthy investment. If it works for something I have in mind, I will be most pleased and purchase more. I'm going to save my dollars and buy this for myself to make something out of. Look how adorable! Eeeee! I am almost done with a set of Milky Berry inspired dreadfalls as well, and they are so sweet and treacly it's making my teeth hurt a little. Still, they are some of the best I've made--the detail is so tiny and complex.

On a personal note, I got my hair cut off! I had been attempting to grow it out again, but srsly, I am not meant to have long hair in 120* weather. Really. Crappy webcam pic ahoy!

It's basically still long in the front, short and cracked out in the back. Pointed bangs have returned as well. It curls up pretty awesome in the back when it's wet, the girl did an amazing job.

Also on a personal note, I am finally shedding the damn pounds I gained when I came off my meds for insulin resistance, and then my thyroid decided to have a party. I'm down to about 1600 calories/day and I WAS walking/running every night, but that isn't happening now that the weather is being a hoar. The torn muscle(s) in my back are finally starting to mend as well, so I can maybe start to lift weights soon. I hope. It made it so much worse from driving a carriage with a new horse. D: She spooked all weekend, and it destroyed any progress I'd made.

BUT! Look, see, weight loss! Also, my niece because she's goofy and I love her. Also, those are some dreads I made back there. Also-also, my boobs are out of control and have plans for world domination.

Sale in my Etsy Store!
Right, so I know I haven't done an official update in quite a while, but I'm dropping in to say:

Firstly, I'm having a sale in my Etsy store. I have dreadfalls, accessories, and a couple art prints right now, and I'm also available for custom orders on all 3. Use coupon code TWITTER10 this week before Saturday to get 10% off your order. In addition, I will send you another code for 20% as a thank you for your purchase. Go here: www.etsy.com/shop/MissTeratophilia

Second, I'm doing okay. Divorce shenaners abounded, but now it's essentially done.

Third, I am very much in love with a fabulous man. Furthermore, Isaac is absolutely crazy about him. We talked for a while online, met in NYC for a few days in November (Best. Trip. Ever.), and he came for a 2 week visit at the beginning of May. We're starting on paperwork to get me moved to Sweden. Oh yeah, did I mention he's Swedish? Because apparently I'm incapable of ever being in a relationship with someone who's not an ocean away.

That's about it. I swear I will do an update soon on ALL fronts. I have things I've abandoned on FF.net like whoa, and SO MUCH to catch up on.

Writer's Block: Breaking the habit
What's your most debilitating insecurity? Do you think you'll ever overcome it?

My scars.

It's not that I'm bothered by how they look, or how I look as a result; rather, it's that I'm worried I'll be judged because of their origins. It also feels that the events leading to said scarring become more real every time someone sees them. I work hard to keep them covered, hidden, and secret--most of them are on my torso, my stomach specifically--so whenever someone uninformed sees them, it's always a bit surprising to them.

I don't know that I'll ever entirely get over it, as it's a very blatant reminder of a very painful episode in my life. I appreciate that the whole experience has given me a new view of myself. They aren't constantly at the forefront of my mind, and I doubt they ever will be. It's become something of a trust issue though, and only a handful of people have ever seen them. Those that don't run away screaming are rewarded with my love and gratitude.

Things, More Things
Still anxiously awaiting news on the writing front, but I've got my fingers crossed and am still hoping for the best. 

While poking around at the store, getting last minute things for Turkeymas and generally stocking up on more produce, I found the prettiest black velvet curtains on sale. I am immensely torn between using them as-is, or using them to make a sort of overdress thing I've had a pattern floating around for eons. If I've done my math right, I have just enough, provided I don't completely screw up making some ruffles. The weird width shouldn't be an issue either, since I just need length in the back to make a sort-of-bustle, and just a bodice on the front. I'm liking this plan more and more.

On a similar sewing note, I discovered my gothasol somehow, MAGICALLY, got torn the other day, and not on a seam or anything, just smack right in between two ribs. If I try to sew it up, it's going to be excessively obvious. I'm extremely attached to this one because it's completely collapsible--it folds up to fit into even my smallest purses, and I've never seen another like it. After much wailing and rending of garments, I wondered if perhaps I might just put all sorts of random seams into it, maybe in white thread, and then it can look like a ragdoll. I'm...not very enthusiastic about this plan, but I suppose it's better than nothing. One day, I will buy myself the Raven Empress, and I shall paint the handle matte black, and it shall be glorious. But, I can't justify it when I really need to work on saving for a two bedroom apartment and...various other things. Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.

The Dying Breed (Drivel the Second)
If I were to say the word lit-mag to you, would you know what it meant? It's alright if you don't; most people just blink a couple times and ask what on Earth that is. Lit-mags were once shining examples of amateur to semi-professional writing, sprinkled with exceptionally well thought out reviews and launching points for discussion. They were everywhere--the compiled list I have is pages long. Of these, they were divided into different genres or themes, each category having at least two places to submit work.

As a bit of backstory, on the rare occasion that I get to write for myself and not be someone's happy word monkey, I like to know how good I am, or more accurately, if my own work can stand on its own legs, and not need to piggyback on someone else's. That being the case, I loved submitting to lit-mags: Not only was it a great resume builder, but it sparked really helpful reviews and discussion, and I learned more from this process than in a lot of writing classes. It's a great reminder of why I love to write.

So it happened that I was bitten by the Short Story Bug not too long ago, and having nothing else to do with my morbid little one-shot, I broke out my list of lit-mags and started searching the internet for places to submit it.  Imagine my disbelief, then dismay at realizing that a good 90% of lit-mags had vanished or stopped printing. Imagine my horror when I realized that NONE of them left were of the 'macabre persuasion,' as it were. Not just lit-mags, either, I dare you to find a gothic publication that isn't Gothic Beauty or Morbid Outlook.

Well. Fine then. Undaunted, I fired off my little gem to whatever lit-mags I could find. The response? "Well, this is really a lovely piece of work, but it's... Halloween's over, we're not really looking for submissions like this anymore." This is the part where I began to methodically beat my head against the wall. 

The fact is, there's a severe lack of places for dark people to flex their creative muscles. It's not just those of us who are of a subcultural persuasion that are suffering, either--how many aspiring writers got their start with a lit-mag? I submit nothing less than society, particularly Western culture, is dumbing itself into oblivion. There is little to no value placed on being an intellectually healthy person, on improving one's mind, or just generally being smart; instead, we have a culture built up to worship the Almighty Dollar and whatever else is deemed 'acceptable' by society.

What a waste.

My point is, please, please, please support small publications. Go buy, read, discuss these tiny little pearls that are still hiding out there. Make a point of reading something by a new author, write a review, start a book club for pity's sake. Too many wonderful things have gone by the wayside because of our obsession with stupidity, and I refuse to let my life-love, good writing, go the same way.


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